Will there be any additional fees or taxes added to my reservation?

Key deposit
Regardless of the country you are visiting, you might be asked to pay a key card deposit at check-in. The key card deposit of 2€/£ (1€/£ in Amsterdam) can be paid in cash or by card, and is fully refundable upon check out.
All lost key cards can be replaced, but in this case, the initial deposit in no longer refundable and a new deposit will have to be paid.   

The Inn, The Village and Newquay do not have key deposits, but they have smart locks instead. Download the Goki app to be super prepared and to check-in faster! 


City and tourism taxes
Reservations for UK hostels have no additional fees or taxes.

City and/or tourist taxes will be added to all reservations made with our EU hostels. 
These taxes represent a percentage of the value of your booking, they are different for each country and are updated yearly according to the laws and policies of the country in question. 

For bookings made on st-christophers.co.uk or flyingpig.nl, city taxes are displayed in the booking summary, once you select the room type.
If you've booked and paid through a third-party website (OTA), they might have already included some or all of these taxes into the total price. To get the full scoop, please check out your booking confirmation email. 

City taxes in Berlin are non-refundable in case of a no-show and late cancellation. They also apply to late check-out fees, as well as any rental fees. 


Here is what to expect in each of our European cities*:
PP/PN = per person/per night

Amsterdam → 12.5% of the price of the reservation
Barcelona →  4,13€ pp/pn 
Berlin → 5% of the price of the reservation**
Bruges →  3,75€ per person per night, plus 6% VAT (= € 3,98)
Paris → 2,60€ pp/pn
Vienna → 2.58% of the price of the reservation


*These taxes are remitted to the city government to support various public services and infrastructure.
**These taxes apply to late cancellation fees, no-show fees, towel rentals, late check-out fees etc. 

All values displayed are provided for informational purposes only and may be subject to change as dictated by the legal requirements of the respective country.


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