Paris Gare du Nord - mini local travel guide!

Get to Know the Area:

Gare du Nord is one of the major railway stations in Paris, and serves as a bustling transportation hub connecting the city to various destinations within France and beyond. As one of the busiest train stations in Europe, Gare du Nord welcomes travellers from all over the world, contributing to the vibrant and diverse atmosphere of the surrounding area.


Why here?!

Our hostel in Gare du Nord offers convenient access to the heart of the city and its iconic landmarks. With excellent public transportation links, you can easily explore Paris's renowned attractions, immerse yourself in its art and culture.


Our Hidden Gems:

Beyond its role as a transportation hub, Gare du Nord has its share of hidden gems to explore:


  1. Canal Saint-Martin: Located nearby, Canal Saint-Martin is a picturesque waterway that offers a serene escape from the bustling city. Stroll along the canal's tree-lined banks, cross charming footbridges, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere in this hidden oasis.
  2. Le Comptoir Général: A unique and eclectic venue tucked away near Gare du Nord. Le Comptoir Général is a bar, restaurant, and event space that celebrates African and Caribbean culture. The establishment features a quirky and artistic ambiance, making it a fascinating spot to discover during your visit.


Our Foodie Recommendations:

We can't expect you to eat with us in Belushi's every night, so we’ve added in a couple of local restaurants we personally recommend. 


  1. Chez Casimir: A charming bistro near Gare du Nord, Chez Casimir offers classic French cuisine with a modern touch. Indulge in traditional dishes made from fresh, seasonal ingredients, and savour the delightful flavours of French gastronomy.
  2. Le Bouillon Chartier: Step back in time at this iconic Parisian brasserie. Le Bouillon Chartier has been serving customers since 1896 and remains a beloved spot for locals and tourists alike. Enjoy a range of French dishes in a lively and authentic Belle Époque setting, making it a true Parisian experience.


Our Local Pub/Bar Recommendations:

As long as you start and end the night with us we won’t be too picky about where you end up in the middle. 


  1. La Maison Bleue: An intimate bar known for its warm ambiance and friendly service. La Maison Bleue offers a selection of wines, cocktails, and craft beers, making it an ideal spot to relax after a day of sightseeing.
  2. Le Comptoir Général (mentioned above) also serves as a unique bar with an extensive drink menu, showcasing its dedication to promoting African and Caribbean culture through its offerings.
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