St Christopher's & Flying Pig Terms and Conditions

Here is an extract of our Terms and Conditions that outline rules, responsibilities, and guidelines and serve as a Contract between the Customer and the Hostel. 

Find the full document here: Terms & Conditions


1. Reservations and Rates

    1. Customers can make reservations in advance or on the day, through the Hostel website or in person. 
    2. On the day of the arrival, reservations can be made online for the same day before midnight local time. All reservations made past midnight local time will be for the following day. 
    3. When making reservations, Customers must provide identification information including, but not limited to, their name, address, contact telephone number, date of birth, nationality and email address.
    4. When making reservations, Customers select either a Non-refundable rate or a Free Cancellation rate.
      This selection is final and can not be subject to change once the Customer receives the confirmation email. 
    5. All reservations require the submission of payment card details.
    6. Reservations booked in advance are not mandatory, however the Hostel cannot guarantee the availability of rooms, the rate or other facilities for in-person bookings.
      The reservations booked in-person (over desk) are always non-refundable, and must be paid by card.
    7. Reservations booked in advance do not constitute a legally binding contract between the Hostel and the Customer until the Hostel confirms the reservation with the Customer and provides the Customer with a booking reference.
    8. Linen and cleaning are included in every reservation. 
    9. Cots and additional beds are not available.
    10. All St Christopher’s and Flying Pig hostels have a 7 day maximum stay policy. Consequently, customers can make a reservation of maximum 7 consecutive nights in the same Hostel. 
    11. Minimum stay policy of 2 or 3 days may apply to certain Hostels at certain dates, or weekends. 
    12.  Rates displayed are determined through advanced yield management 
      1. Rates vary according to the different factors affecting the supply and demand.
        For example, room rates will be higher during peak season, large public events and holiday season. 
      2. Any difference in price of an existing reservation compared to current rates will not be subject to refund. 
    13. Details of Rates including, where applicable, promotional Rates and other special offers are available from the Hostel website.
    14. Rates and prices quoted when making reservations apply only to accommodation unless otherwise stated.
      Additional charges may apply for items including, but not limited to city taxes, key deposits, breakfast and late check-out.
    15. Rates and prices provided are applicable for overnight stays; there are no discounts offered for late arrivals, early departures, or hourly stays
    16. All direct reservations, made via the St Christopher’s website benefit from a Best Price Online Guarantee. 


2. Third Party Bookings

    1. Reservations made via third party websites (Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Hostelworld, Agoda or do not benefit from the Best Price Online Guarantee
    2. Reservation made on an OTA website must be cancelled via the same website
    3. Modification requests must be made via the OTA’s website or Customer’s user interface on the same website
    4. With the exception of Hostelworld, refund requests for all other OTA reservations must be made via the OTA’s website or Customer’s user interface on the same website
    5. Any request for non-refundable OTA reservation cancellation free of charge will be declined
    6. Any request for non-refundable OTA reservation modification will be acknowledged and considered, however any reduction in cost or request for a partial refund will be declined


3. Payments and Refunds


  1. To make a reservation online or in person, the Customer must submit a valid payment card. 
    1. Unless the reservation is expressly stated to require payment at the time of reservation (Non-refundable rate), no payment will be taken before the arrival day
    2. For 'Pay on Arrival’ reservations (Free cancellation rate), the payment card will be subject to authentication and tokenization.
      This process is essential to conduct appropriate fraud and validity checks on the payment card.
    3. Reservations made in-person, at the desk for the same day shall require immediate payment and shall be considered non-refundable.
    4. Similarly, reservations made in-person, at the desk for a future date shall require immediate payment and shall be considered non-refundable.
  2. The following payment methods are accepted by the Hostel:
    1. Credit and Debit Cards - Visa, Mastercard,, JCB
    2. PayPal, GooglePay, Amex (online reservations only)
    3. Cash (not accepted for non-refundable rate and walk-in reservations)
    4. Credit vouchers (applicable only for Free cancellation reservations)
    5. Chèque-Vacances (applicable only in France and for Free cancellation reservations)
  3. Any deposits, booking fees or charges for extras (such as breakfast, tours, late-checkout and all other non-accommodation products) taken at the time of reservation are non-refundable.
  4. In case you are a holder of a St Christopher’s Credit Voucher, the voucher can only be redeemed at the time of check-in, by the Hostel staff 
    1. Credit vouchers can only be redeemed for unpaid (Free cancellation) reservations
    2. Expired credit vouchers can not be redeemed
    3. Credit vouchers can be used for multiple reservations and across all of the territories.
      1. In case of currency conversion, exchange rate fees may apply
  5. Guests shall pay at the latest all sums due upon checking-in at the Hostel.
    Failure to comply will result in refusal to check in. 
  6. Refunds for Free cancellation reservations can be requested within 30 days from the original arrival date of the reservation
    1. Reservations paid online will be refunded online, to the same payment card used for the original transaction
    2. Reservation paid in person, in cash or by credit card, will be refunded using the same payment method
      1. Only cash payments can be refunded in cash
    3. Reservations paid with Chèque-Vacances can only be refunded in the form of a credit voucher
  7. Once processed, refunds may take up to 21 business days to reach the Customer’s bank account.


4. Cancellations and Modifications


  1. Free Cancellation reservations can be cancelled or altered by the customer at any time before the scheduled arrival date.
    1. Reservations can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the check-in date. 
      1. For example, a reservation with an arrival date on May 4th can be cancelled free of charge up until 23:59 on May 2nd.
    2. Cancellations requested past the 24-hour free cancellation window will be subject to a cancellation fee corresponding to the value of the first night of the reservation
    3. Failure to provide the required notice of cancellation shall result in your subsequent nights, if any, being cancelled.
    4. Changes requested up to 24 hours prior to the check-in date are permissible without any additional charges, except when the modification involves upgrading to a more expensive reservation total.
    5. Modifications requested after the 24-hour free cancellation period may be subject to the cancellation fees outlined above, under ‘Payments and refunds’
      The hostel will make every reasonable effort to accommodate requested changes, but it does not provide a guarantee that all changes will be accommodated.
  2. Non-refundable reservations may only be cancelled or modified free of charge within one hour from the time of booking. This is considered a grace period. 
    1. Non-refundable reservations may be cancelled at any time, but after the grace period of one hour, any sums paid in advance will not be refunded to the Customer.
  3. When a Customer fails to present themselves at check-in on the day of the arrival, without notice, the reservation will be considered a no-show and all subsequent nights, if any, wil be cancelled
    1. Free cancellation no-show reservations are subject to no-show fee corresponding to the value of the first night of the reservation.
      1. When the reservation has been fully paid in advance, the remaining balance will be refunded to the Customer within a minimum of 21 business days
      2. When the reservation has not been fully prepaid, the no-show fee will be charged to the payment method provided at the time of booking
      3. Non-refundable no-show reservations are subject to no-show fee corresponding to the full value of the reservation
  4. When a Customer notifies the Hostel about their late arrival, their reservation will be kept active, but no-show fees outlined above will apply
  5. When a Customer presents themselves at check-in the following day, the Hostel will use all reasonable endeavours to accommodate the remaining nights of the reservation but under no circumstances can this be guaranteed
  6. Cancellation and no-show fees may be charged anytime within 6 months from the original arrival date.
  7. Customers may request additional nights at the Hostel at any time before or during their stay, regardless of the cancellation policy.
    1. The non-refundable cancellation policy will apply to the additional nights. 
    2. The 7 day maximum policy applies
    3. The Hostel will use all reasonable endeavours to accommodate such requests.
  8. Minimum night policy might be implemented during peak seasons, weekends, holidays, or events to ensure a stable and efficient booking process, and to optimise the Hostel's capacity. The minimum night policy is usually set to 2 or 3 days and can not be modified on request. 
  9. The Hostel may, from time to time, cancel a reservation. In the event of such cancellation, the Customer shall be informed immediately and shall be offered a full refund of any and all sums paid.


5. Check-in and Check-out

    1. Photo identification is required for check-in. The accepted forms are a valid, government-issued ID: passport or National ID card
      1. The EU residents may check-in to the EU hostels using their National driver’s licence
      2. The UK residents may check-in to the the UK hostels, using their National driver’s licence
      3. Military IDs are considered a valid document to check in.
      4. In the UK, customers can check in using IDs accredited with Pass logo hologram. 
      5. Transportation cards, student cards, employer’s ID card or any other form of informal ID cards are not accepted as valid proof of identity. 
    2. Check-in starts at 3pm for all St Christopher’s hostels, and 2pm for The Flying Pig hostels.
      Check-in beyond the check-in time is permitted, however the full range of services normally available to Customers may not be available. 
        1. Customers arriving after 1am to all hostels excluding Bath, Newquay and the Inn, should notify their hostel at their earliest convenience. 
        2. Late arrivals in Bath, Newquay and the Inn are limited to 11pm. 
        3. Customers who do not notify the hotel of their late arrival risk the full cancellation of their booking. 
      1. Early check-in may be available depending on the occupancy of the day before, however this can not be arranged in advance or guaranteed in any way. 
      2. Customers are welcome to arrive at the Hostel at their own convenience and are welcome to store their belongings in coin or card operated lockers, where applicable and available
    3. Customers staying in shared dormitories are allocated a room and a bed at check-in.
      1. Customers are required to respect the bed appropriated to them by the Hostel. 
      2. Any changes must immediately be reported to the Hostel
      3. Any bed changes resulting from Customer’s initiative the Hostel has not been made aware of, may result in removal of belongings and cancellation of reservation
    4. Check-out time for St Christopher’s hostels is 11 am (10am in Bruges hostel), and 10:30am for the  Flying Pig hostels.
      1. Later check-out times may be possible by prior arrangement and at Hostel's discretion, however in the absence of such prior arrangement, failure to check out by the check-out time stated above, may result in the Customer being charged for an additional night's accommodation at the standard applicable Rate.
      2. In the event of a pre-arranged late check-out, the Hostel shall charge the Customer for such additional time at a predetermined flat rate, details of which shall be provided to the Customer upon their request for a late check-out time.


6. House Rules


  1. Only Customers who have checked in are allowed to access Hostel rooms, facilities and shared spaces.
    1. Visitors are welcome to meet with Customers in the Hostel reception area or the bar area
  2. Customers are required to conduct themselves in a reasonable and responsible manner at all times when on Hostel property and must not act in any way which may disturb other guests. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in a Customer being asked to leave the Hostel in which event all sums due shall become immediately payable.
  3. Please use earphones if you watch video content or listen to music on your electronic devices.
  4. Any longer phone calls should be taken outside the shared dormitory
  5. A room or dormitory’s maximum occupancy is limited to the number of beds. 
    1. For example, a 4 bed dormitory can only host up to 4 Customers
    2. Single occupancy beds must not be shared at risk of cancellation, removal from property and additional charges.
  6. Children under the age of 18 may not stay at the Hostel unless accompanied by an adult aged at least 21 (parent or legal guardian).
    1. Children under the age of 18 are only allowed to stay in private rooms or dormitory rooms that are booked for use by one family or group of persons.
    2. In case where one of the guests is a minor, the Hostel strongly advises against booking non-ensuite rooms 
    3. Children under 18 years of age cannot share dormitory rooms with other guests that are not part of the family or group.
    4. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in automatic Cancellation.
  7. Smoking is not permitted in any indoor public areas of the Hostel.
    1. Smoking is not permitted in any rooms.
    2. Failure to adhere to the non-smoking policy shall result in the Customer being charged for any and all costs incurred by the Hostel in cleaning the room (including, but not limited to, fixtures, fittings and soft furnishings) and restoring it to a smoke-free environment, as well as all and any cost incurred by the response of Fire department.
  8. Animals are not allowed in the Hostel, with the exception of guide dogs. 
    1. Guide dogs are allowed exclusively in private rooms. 
  9. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in hostel rooms is not allowed
  10. Customers are asked to refrain from eating or drinking in shared dormitories and are invited to bring their own food and nonalcoholic beverages and enjoy it in the common areas
  11. Tampering with fire alarms, fire extinguishers and other damage to the property will result in a fine and termination of reservation. 
  12. All Stag/Hen parties must take entire rooms, they cannot share with other guests. 
  13. Customers will be liable for any and all damage caused by them to any Hostel property during their stay and shall bear all costs associated with the damage. 
    1. Customers are invited to immediately report any pre-existing damage.
  14. Any additional cleaning of rooms, corridors and shared facilities resulting from disorderly conduct will be charged accordingly. 
  15. Customers with special dietary requirements are advised to inform the Hostel of the same in advance of their arrival.
    The Hostel will use all reasonable endeavours to accommodate such requirements and, where this is not possible, inform the Customer of the same.
  16. Customers with strong allergies are advised to inform the Hostel of the same in advance of their arrival.
    The Hostel will use all reasonable endeavours to accommodate such requirements and, where this is not possible, inform the Customer of the same.
  17. Please note the following are not allowed at our Amsterdam properties (The Winston, Flying Pig Downtown, Flying Pig Uptown):
    1. Anyone under 18 years of age
    2. Stag & Hen parties
    3. Groups of Soccer fans in the city for international or national matches
    4. Groups of 10 people or more (unless booked on
  18. Storing electric scooters or bikes, as well as charging of their batteries is not permitted on our premises.
    Please get in touch with your hostel if you are looking to keep your e-bike/scooter safe and we will help you find a suitable solution!



Our hostels are dedicated to social inclusivity, and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, traits or behaviours such as aggressiveness, rudeness, evasiveness, hostility, poor hygiene, inappropriately suggestive or sexual conduct, excessive impairment related to drugs or alcohol, racism, and discrimination based on sexual orientation.


7. Disabled Customers


  1. The Hostel fully complies with all laws from time to time in force regulating the treatment of, and provision for, disabled Customers.
  2. Customers with any special requirements pertaining to a disability should inform the Hostel of the same prior to their arrival.
    1. A number of St Christopher’s and Flying Pig hostels are located in historic buildings which do not allow for lifts.
      Consequently, these hostels are not fit to welcome Customers with mobility difficulties.
      Before you book, please get in touch with our Customer Support team, or read about the accessibility of our Hostels in the Self-Service Help Center
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